Lending Library

Individual Cards

Eternal Central has a small Old School and Middle School Lending Library of cards for borrowing at events that we sponsor and run, which players may sign up to borrow for a specific event. This includes individual cards ranging from Swords to Plowshares to dual lands to Field of Dreams to CE Power Nine. The Lending Library spreadsheet can be found online here.

Complete Old School 94 Loaner Decks

Eternal Central also has a handful of complete Old School (93-94 or 95) decks to lend out at any given time. These will rotate, but typically will include some of the following:
– Bant (UWG) Geddon
– Blue-Red Control
– Blue-White-X Stasis Combo
– Land Tax Combo (White-Red or Naya)
Naya (WRG) Bazaar Zoo
– Naya (WGR) Geddon
– Necropotence variants (95)
Pink Weenie
– Red-Green Erhnam and Burn ‘Em
RUG Tempo or RUG Aggro
– Titania’s Prison
White Weenie

Complete Middle School Loaner Decks

Updated 02-18-2019: We will be adding more complete Middle School decks in the near future as well.
– Aluren (Extended-style BUG; no Imperial Recruiter)
– Fires RGW
– Goblins
– Junk BGW
– Madness UG
– RebelStill
– TaxRack Aggro
– Turbo Mulch
– Wildfire

Any borrower of individual cards or decks is expected to be able to put up collateral with at least a matching value at minimum, and if items are lost, stolen, or damaged, the borrower is obligated to pay full replacement value. To inquire about availability or to arrange to borrow cards or a deck for an upcoming Eternal Central event, please email eternalcentral@gmail.com well ahead of an event.