We are proud to announce the third annual Eternal Central Old School 93-94 tournament at Eternal Weekend. This year’s Eternal Weekend is being held in Columbus, Ohio (USA). The Eternal Central Old School 93-94 tournament will be held on Thursday, October 27 2016, at 11:45am (we will open earlier for deck reg and card signing; plan on showing up a little early).

Tournament Entry & Prizes

The Eternal Central Old School 93-94 tournament will be held on Thursday, October 27 2016
Tournament start time is 11:45am (we will open earlier for deck reg and card signing; plan on showing up a little early).
Tournament structure and length will be SWISS PLUS 1. With 100-120 players that means 8 timed 50 minute rounds of Swiss (65-128 players calls for 7 rounds, plus 1 = 8). Our goal is to start early enough and playing quickly enough to be able to get out to relax and get rested up for Vintage Champs the next day (or to let people out early enough to do their own thing). There will be no draws allowed, and at the end of 50 minutes if there is a tied match both players will do a sudden death Chaos Orb flipping contest (complete details in our Old School 93-94 rules here). This is to keep the pace of play and keep the day going more smoothly than last year. Play a fun deck, imbibe, and have a blast with friends new and old!
Prizes will again be awarded by Eternal Central, and will be Old School cards in flavor and nature, Alpha through The Dark. This is a tournament for fun, and not ‘EV,’ so if you’re expecting to pay off your car with your winnings at this or any other Eternal event you will sadly be disappointed. We already have a number of goodies in hand, but if you wish to donate any cards to this please email
Entry fee is $0 once again. Please read about the venue below.

Tournament Site Logistics & Preregistration (Required)

Like in past years, this is not an event hosted by Card Titan or Wizards of the Coast, but rather a player-run event supported by Eternal Central. This is truly by the players, for the players. The point is to just have fun.

Eternal Weekend is being held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, and this event is not affiliated with that in any way. This year we are proud to announce that Eternal Central has partnered with the brewery Gordon Biersch, and the 2016 Old School tournament will be held at the Gordon Biersch Columbus location!
Gordon Biersch Columbus
401 N. Front Street
Columbus, OH 43215

We have a large area reserved specifically for the Old School event, along with servers to accommodate. This is a central location within a few blocks walking distance of the Convention Center, and of most of the major hotels downtown. This will not be a BYOB event as it was in previous years, and instead each player will have the opportunity to open and close tabs with the servers at Gordon Biersch on demand. You can find more about Gordon Biersch’s craft beers here. Please be respectful of your surroundings, and of the establishment that is graciously hosting us. If you become belligerent with any staff you will be asked to leave. As usual, the main rule at Old School is “have fun, and don’t be a jagoff.” Pace yourselves while drinking and ordering, because we will be there from roughly 11:30am until 9pm.

Tournament Format & Rules

The Eternal Central Old School 93-94 tournament will observe the Banned & Restricted List found in the rules on the EC Old School 93-94 rules page here. This page always has a complete list of deck construction rules, sets allowed, errata, and the most up to date Banned & Restricted List. Bookmark it, and get to know it and love it.


This tournament is open to all participants 21+ years of age (there will be alcohol), but you must preregister. This event will have a cap of 120 players. Contacting us ahead of time will be your best bet to reserve your spot, and to ensure that we have enough space for this. If you are sure you will attend, please contact us at with your contact information (your full name/phone number), and we will pre-register you and add you to the contact group for logistics purposes. This will ensure everybody is in the correct location on game day.

Preregistered players:

1. Randy Buehler (2015 Old School @ EW Winner)
2. Mith Rao
3. Fam Doola
4. Jimmy Cooney
5. Brian DeMars
6. Bryan Manolakos
7. Joshua Brooks
8. Shane Semmens
9. Eliot Davidoff
10. Scott Bradley
11. Hunter Prendergast
12. Andrew Frank
13. Luke Ailanjian
14. Sean O’Brien
15. Brian Plattenburg
16. Evan Nyquist
17. Matthew Mullins
18. Greg Mitchell
19. Danny Friedman
20. Jeff Anand
21. Charles Rolko
22. Brian Fischer
23. Bryan Freres
24. Michael Kochis
25. Steve Menendian
26. Frank Pedota
27. Mike Lupo
28. Mike Tompkins
29. Nate Ponce
30. Randal Witherell
31. Stephen Maldonado
32. Nicholas Rausch
33. Andrew Wright
34. Andy Swaffar
35. John White
36. Scott Ferguson
37. Bobby Birmingham
38. Gerald Rhoads
39. Ben Murfin
40. Ben Perry
41. Ryan Sauve
42. Kevin Cron
43. Stephen Rosenthal
44. Jared Lentz
45. Michael Kiesel
46. David Ata
47. Bryan Daniels
48. Blaine Christiansen
49. Greg Kraigher
50. Michael Butzen
51. Chris Pepin
52. Kelsey Dixon
53. Arturo Garcia
54. Tim Winter
55. Nick Cummings
56. Christopher Langston (L)
57. Jason Burkhart
58. Paul Callis
59. Daniel Humphreys
60. Philip Pedota
61. David Szatkowski (P)
62. Gene Brumby
63. Chris Moyer (P)
64. Shann Chaudhry
65. Marland Moore
66. Chad Teuscher
67. Dan Rech
68. James Tork
69. Jaime Cano
70. Joaquin Solis
71. Dario Moreno
72. Alfonso Barajas
73. Michael VanDyke
74. Ryan DeMarco
75. Matt DeMinico
76. Matt Young
77. Andrew McLennan
78. Matt Slack
79. Phil Hillman
80. William Parshall
81. Jonathan Brummer
82. Dominic Dotterrer
83. Justin Franks
84. Mike Kravitz
85. Craig Winzer
86. Christopher George
87. Joseph Horen
88. Dan Miller
89. Matthew Junker
90. John Grudzina
91. Geoff Harlow
92. Jeremy Toma-Cooper
93. Mike Griffin
94. David Fleischmann-Rose
95. Kirsin Koch
96. Matthew Deering
97. William Herdman
98. Axel Cobb
99. Roland Chang
100. Robert Matthews
101. Joshua Thornton

Social Media, Decklists, and Photos

The official hashtag on Twitter and Facebook for this event will be #ECOldSchool2016, so please use that when snapping pics and updates from the event. Also, we have created a shared Google Drive folder that you can upload pictures of your deck and the event to, by clicking the link here. Decklists for the event are required, and you are encouraged to take a photo of your deck + sideboard instead and send it to and/or upload it to this Google Drive. This can be done before or during the event – thanks!