Old School Player’s Ball 2017, presented by Lords of the Pit and Eternal Central

The Lords of the Pit and Eternal Central are proud to announce the first annual Old School Player’s Ball, a charity Old School Magic 93-94 event in Chicago, on Saturday August 26 2017.

Tournament Entry and Prizes

The first annual Old School Player’s Ball 93-94 tournament will be held on Saturday, August 26 2017.
Tournament start time is 12pm (venue opens at 12pm; please arrive on time to sign prizes and get started promptly).
Tournament structure and length will be SIX (6) ROUNDS OF SWISS PLUS TOP 8 PLAYOFF. There will be no draws allowed, and at the end of 50 minutes if there is a tied match both players will do a sudden death Chaos Orb flipping contest (complete details in our Old School 93-94 rules here). This is to keep the pace of play and keep the day going more smoothly than last year. Play a fun deck, imbibe, and have a blast with friends new and old!
Prizes will again be awarded by the Lords of the Pit and Eternal Central, and will be Old School cards in flavor and nature, Alpha through Fallen Empires. This is a tournament for fun, and not ‘EV,’ so if you’re expecting to pay off your car with your winnings at this or any other Eternal event you will sadly be disappointed.
Tournament Entry Fee will be a donation ($15 suggested) to The Chicago Public Library Foundation. Since 1986, the Chicago Public Library Foundation has been proud to partner with Chicago Public Library, supporting programs, technology, and collections that have helped the Library maintain its position as a world-class institution and a leader in the library field. Donate online here http://bit.ly/2nx7a1N or with cash onsite the day of the event. Please bring proof of donation to the event if made online.

Tournament Site Logistics and Preregistration (Required)

Tournament Location:
Revolution Brewing Tap Room
3340 N Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618

We have ample space reserved for player’s at the awesome Revolution Brewing Tap Room, in Chicago. Revolution’s exceptional craft beers will be on tap all day and night.  The tap room does not have a kitchen, but many great local restaurants deliver. More to come on dining options.

Tournament Format and Rules

The Eternal Central Old School 93-94 tournament will observe the Banned & Restricted List found in the rules on the EC Old School 93-94 rules page here. This page always has a complete list of deck construction rules, sets allowed, errata, and the most up to date Banned and Restricted List.


This tournament is a private event, that you must reserve a spot for ahead of time by preregistering. This tournament is open to participants 21+ years of age, but you must preregister ahead of time to reserve your slot. This event will have a cap of 58 players (June 19 update: preregistration of all 58 slots is sold out. To be added to the WAIT LIST for the event, please email jaco@eternalcentral.com. Some players will probably drop out before event, so those Wait Listed will be added to the event registration in the order of Wait List.)

Preregistered Players
1. Bob Agra
2. Andrew Bowman
3. Michael Butzen
4. Grant Castleton
5. Tyler Etters
6. Danny Friedman
7. Michael Hilton
8. Daniel Humpheys
9. Jaco
10. Ron Longhi
11. Stephen Maldonado
12. Ray Mattson
13. Andrew McLennan
14. Matt Moss
15. Nathan Mullen
16. Evan Nyquist
17. Frank P
18. Shaman Ben
19. Carter Petray
20. Dan Piquard
21. Mith Rao
22. Dan Rech
23. Nick Rohr
24. Chad Teuscher
25. Brandon Sanders
26. Jimmy McCarthy
27. Shane Semmens
28. Matt S
29. Joe Stacko
30. Andrea Longhi
31. James Tork
32. Michael Walker
33. Trevon Hilton
34. Dominic Dotterrer
35. Lorien Elleman
36. Joseph Alane
37. Sean O’Brien
38. Paul Flero
39. Mike Lupo
40. Jeff Simpson
41. Chris Bergeson
42. Peter Lupo
43. Robert Matthews
44. Jason Happel
45. Brendon Bowersox
46. Zach Bowersox
47. Amanda Hilton
48. Chris Wynes
49. Robert Westergaard
50. Steve McGrew
51. Matthew Young
52. Jay Krusac
53. Ryan Jean
54. Curt Christian
55. James Cooney
56. Matthew Deering
57. Charlie Hahn
58. Matt Hahn

Social Media, Decklists, and Photos

The official hashtag on Twitter and Facebook for this event will be #OldSchoolPlayersBall, so please use that when snapping pics and updates from the event. Decklists for the event are required, and you are encouraged to take a photo of your deck + sideboard instead and send it to decklists@eternalcentral.com. This can be done before or during the event – thanks!