Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 4: Citizens on Patrol

Evan Nyquist (Überwucherung), Andrew Wright (biglongjohns), Brendan Hagan (seemsgood) are joined (late) by Sean O’Brien (nedleeds) for the fourth episode of Tusk Talk. This episode we take a look at the Giga-Bites Quarterly Duel for Duals, Elfs, Blood Moon, Elfmill, GP Atlanta and Seattle, the Eternal scene in the Atlanta are,a and touch on some spoilers.


0:03:00 – Elves vs. the World
0:05:00 – Giga-Bites Legacy Duel for Duals
0:08:00 – Blood Red
0:15:00 – The Elf Community
0:22:00 – Atlanta Legacy Scene
0:32:00 – Elfmillman (?)
0:40:00 – Magic Finance Droning
0:60:00 – This new set and the echo
1:28:00 – Grand Prix Seattle & Grand Prix Atlanta
1:40:00 – SCG Changes Finance, and a clear need to cut these things shorter
Total runtime: 2:00:08

Note: Recorded Tuesday, December 22nd 2015

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Sean OBrien

Sean O'Brien is nearly as ancient as Magic itself, having earned his scars playing in the 4 Balance era. He is also the founder of the O'Brien School of Magic, a member of the Everyday Eternal podcast, and a founding member of Team Tusk (and the associated Tusk Talk podcast). He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.