Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 16: Aether Revolt Review and Legacy Discussion

Welcome to another episode of TuskTalk with Team Tusk. Today we have Evan Nyquist (HymnYou), Zack Wilson (DEEEEEEEEEEEED), and Brian Plattenburg (Alphastryk). We cover the latest release Aether Revolt from WOTC, digging deep in our world of fringe playables. We discuss the recent question asked on The Source, ‘Do you enjoy Legacy?’ We close out covering some Top 8 lists that are interesting.


0:00:29 – Reviewing Aether Revolt for Vintage and Legacy
1:00:30 – Is Legacy enjoyable?
1:13:27 – Legacy Decklists and Results
Total runtime: 1:50:36

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Sean O'Brien

Sean O'Brien is nearly as ancient as Magic itself, having earned his scars playing in the 4 Balance era. He is also the founder of the O'Brien School of Magic, a member of the Everyday Eternal podcast, and a founding member of Team Tusk (and the associated Tusk Talk podcast). He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.