Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 10: Conspiracy 2

Welcome to another episode of TuskTalk with Sean O’Brien (Nedleeds), Brian Plattenberg (Alphastryk), Zack Wilson (Deeeeeeeeeeeeed) and Evan Nyquist (HymnYou). We review Conspiracy 2 spoilers and their impact on eternal magic. We dive deep into creature types, jobs and vehicles. This was recorded the week of the 15th of August.


00:00 – Intro and return from GenCon
03:30 – Conspiracy Two: Dark Territory
04:40 – Reprints, IoK, Burning Wish
08:00 – Fake Juzam Flyer
12:00 – Kaya, Assassin who does not Kill
18:00 – Chalice Man
28:00 – Ringleaders are sick
33:00 – Why don’t Slivers have a Ringleader?
34:00 – Daretti, Kuato Revealed
46:00 – Blue Elf One-Sided SotL Personal Howling Mine
52:00 – Eunuchs
55:00 – Aurochs … a lost tribe
57:00 – Down with the King, the Monarch Emblem
62:00 – White Recruiter
72:00 – Vote or Die
73:00 – Understanding Ninjachant, and Deeds
88:00 – Ghost Ship not just a sweet movie
90:00 – Creature type or not?
Total runtime: 1:32:39

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Sean OBrien

Sean O'Brien is nearly as ancient as Magic itself, having earned his scars playing in the 4 Balance era. He is also the founder of the O'Brien School of Magic, a member of the Everyday Eternal podcast, and a founding member of Team Tusk (and the associated Tusk Talk podcast). He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.