Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 1: Welcome to the Terrordome

Sean O’Brien (nedleeds), Evan Nyquist (Ɯberwucherung), and Andrew Wright (biglongjohns) present the premier episode of Tusk Talk. Tusk Talk is an Eternal Magic podcast hosted by members of Team Tusk. This episode’s topics include the September 28th Banned & Restricted announcement, Battle For Zendikar, Stone Rain, and other inane topics.


0:02:00: Dig Through Time gets the axe
0:04:00: What established decks benefit?
0:12:00: Where does the Vise fit?
0:15:00: Pedo-Owl
0:19:00: Stasis
0:23:00: History of the Vise on the Restricted List
0:26:00: Vise in Burn or Affinity
0:31:00: Stone Rain. Da hell wit chu.
0:37:00: Battle for Zendikar
0:55:00: Playing sealed with children
0:60:00: GP SeaTac
1:04:00: Vintage Restrictions and Unrestrictions
1:20:00: Old School at Eternal Weekend 2015
Total runtime: 1:33:26

Contact us at TuskTalk@gmail.com.

  • Joe

    Love the first Podcast, Nice to hear you guys talk about some other strategys other than the same old same.

  • Ryan Maddux

    Love the frank and totally uncensored talk. Too much fun. I also look forward to playing with a mostly white bordered white weenie deck next year, fools.

  • Jeff Kolowith

    Loved the cast. I do like sealed, but I’ll be jamming as many Legacy and Vintage side events as possible in Atlanta! Hope to see you there.