Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 23: Deck Changes in a Slow Moving Metagame

In a rambling episode 23 of #EverydayEternal, Matt and Julian Knab (@itsJulian23 on Twitter) discuss recent changes to several decks. Julian provides some insight into his unusual choices in Elves, and we analyze some of the changes that are becoming more popular lately. To cap it off, Julian and Matt field a community building question about getting people into playing with real cards.


[Video]: LCL August – RAPTOR VS QUINTERO Top8 G3

After some days of publishing Vintage videos, it’s finally come the time to release some of the Legacy videos that were recorded during the last Catalan Legacy League (LCL) in Ripollet (near Barcelona). The following video shows the match between  2 of the most famous archenemies in the LCL: Manuel Gómez (Raptor) and Alberto Quintero. Tension, respect and a lot of action. Watch it and enjoy it right after the break.