EC Old School 93-94 Tournament, at Eternal Weekend 2017

We are proud to announce the fourth annual Eternal Central Old School 93-94 tournament at Eternal Weekend. This year’s Eternal Weekend is being held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA). The Eternal Central Old School 93-94 tournament will be held on Thursday, October 19 2017, at 11am, and will be a charity event to raise funds for Cornerstone Community Outreach Program.

Tournament Entry & Prizes

The Eternal Central Old School 93-94 tournament will be held on Thursday, October 19 2017
Tournament start time is 11am (we will open earlier for deck reg and card signing; plan on showing up a little early).
Tournament structure and length will be SWISS PLUS 1. 65-128 players normally calls for 7 rounds, while 129+ players would call for 8 rounds, so this will either be 7+1 or 8+1 timed 50 minute rounds of Swiss, depending on turnout. Our goal is to start early enough and playing quickly enough to be able to get out to relax and get rested up for Vintage Champs the next day (or to let people out early enough to do their own thing). There will be no draws allowed, and at the end of 50 minutes if there is a tied match both players will do a sudden death Chaos Orb flipping contest (complete details in our Old School 93-94 rules here). This is to keep the pace of play and keep the day going more smoothly than last year. Play a fun deck, imbibe, and have a blast with friends new and old!
Prizes will again be awarded by Eternal Central, and will be Old School cards in flavor and nature, Alpha through Fallen Empires. This is a tournament for fun, and not ‘EV,’ so if you’re expecting to pay off your car with your winnings at this or any other Eternal event you will sadly be disappointed. We already have a number of goodies in hand, but if you wish to donate (or sell on the cheap) any cards to this please email
Entry fee will be $25 this year, in order to cover the costs of renting a larger venue (and some additional beverages, supplies, and surprises, to be announced later), and the remaining amount collected to be donated to charity.

Tournament Site Logistics & Preregistration (Required)

Like in past years, this is not an event hosted by Card Titan or Wizards of the Coast, but rather a player-run event supported by Eternal Central. This is truly by the players, for the players. The point is to just have fun. Eternal Weekend 2017 is being held at the David Lawrence Convention Center, and this event is not affiliated with that in any way. We encourage you to support Card Titan and all of the vendors throughout the weekend, but to be clear, our event is a player-run one that will function casually offsite, as it has in years past. We are currently working to find a comfortable venue close to the rest of the action (as in years past), and we will update this space with all relevant information once this has been confirmed.

Tournament Format & Rules

The Eternal Central Old School 93-94 tournament will observe the Banned & Restricted List found in the rules on the EC Old School 93-94 rules page here. This page always has a complete list of deck construction rules, sets allowed, errata, and the most up to date Banned & Restricted List. Bookmark it, and get to know it and love it.


This tournament is open to all participants 21+ years of age (there will be alcohol), but you must preregister. This year’s event will have a cap of 180 players. We will have a pre-pregistration link up on this page soon.

Preregistered players:


Social Media, Decklists, and Photos

The official hashtag on Twitter and Facebook for this event will be #ECOldSchool2017, so please use that when snapping pics and updates from the event. Also, we have created a shared Google Drive folder that you can upload pictures of your deck and the event to, by clicking the link here. Decklists for the event are required, and you are encouraged to take a photo of your deck + sideboard instead and send it to and/or upload it to this Google Drive. This can be done before or during the event – thanks!