Eternal Central Old School 93-94 Tournament Results from Eternal Weekend 2014

After a lengthy delay, we are proud to belatedly bring you the results of the inaugural Eternal Central Old School 93-94 Tournament, held at Eternal Weekend 2014 in Philadelphia (PA, USA). You’ll find pairings, standings, decks, and action shots below. Enjoy!

Held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Philadelphia Center City, the tournament was split between the pool area and one of the hotel rooms with beverages. After a few cancellations we had 12 souls bring the oldest Magic cards to battle, for glory and honor. And also for a few sweet prizes, shown below. We played 4 Swiss rounds, untimed, with no draws allowed (intentional or otherwise). The tournament ran smoothly and quickly.

Tournament Results

Pairings, by Round
Round 1 Pairings
Round 2 Pairings
Round 3 Pairings
Round 4 Pairings

Standings After 4 Swiss Rounds
1 Jaco – (BantamGeddon)
2 Sean O’Brien (Nether Void)
3 Heiner Litz (UR Electric Eel)
4 Danny Friedman (Old School Combo)
5 Evan Husney (Mono Black)
6 Mike Simpson (RUG Tempo)
7 Andrew Wright (Beta Mono White, courtesy of David Schooley)
8 David Fleischmann-Rose (UW Control)
9 Michael Herbig (5C Control)
10 David Schooley (Alpha Mono Black)
11 Dustin Espersen (5C Juzam Sengir Berserk)
12 Ryan Sauve (RUG Berserk)

Top 4 Playoff Bracket
1 Jaco (BantamGeddon) vs. 4 Danny Friedman (Old School Combo) – Jaco wins
2 Sean O’Brien (Nether Void) vs. 3 Heiner Litz (UR Electric Eel) – Heiner wins

1 Jaco (BantamGeddon) vs. 3 Heiner Litz (UR Electric Eel) – Heiner wins


All prizes were donated by Eternal Central (as well as a bonus last place prize of a crimped Bone Flute, donated by Sean O’Brien), and each card was signed by ALL competitors in the tournament. Prizes were as follows:
1st – Beta Jayemdae Tome
2nd – Mishra’s Factory
3rd-4th – Alpha Disenchant
5th-11th – Fellwar Stone
Last Place – crimped misprint Bone Flute


Decks (click on pic to expand)

Heiner Litz – UR Electric Eel

Jaco – BantamGeddon

Sean O’Brien – Nether Void

Danny Friedman – Old School Combo

Evan Husney – Mono Black

Mike Simpson – RUG Tempo

Andrew Wright – Beta Mono White (borrowed from David Schooley)

David Fleischmann-Rose – UW Control

Michael Herbig – 5C Control/The Deck

David Schooley – Alpha Mono Black

Dustin Espersen – 5C Juzam Sengir Berserk

Ryan Sauve – RUG Berserk

Action Shots (click on pic to expand)

Round 1 Wright vs. Jaco

Round 2 Fleischmann-Rose vs. Simpson

Round 2 Herbig vs. Friedman

Round 2 Husney vs. Jaco

Round 3 Litz vs. Schooley

Round 3 O’Brien vs. Simpson (pre-Chaos Orb flip targeting Whirling Dervish)

Round 3 O’Brien vs. Simpson (post-failed Chaos Orb flip targeting Whirling Dervish)

Round 3 Wright vs. Fleischmann-Rose

Round 4 Fleischmann-Rose vs. Sauve

Round 4 Friedman vs. Jaco (Friedman plays 1st turn Mind Twist for Jaco’s whole hand)

Round 4 Friedman vs. Jaco (Friedman still going to lose even after 1st turn Mind Twisting whole hand)

Round 4 Wright vs. Schooley

Top 4 O’Brien vs. Litz

Top 4 Friedman vs. Jaco

Heiner Litz 1st Place

Jaco 2nd Place

O’Brien 3rd Place

Friedman 4th Place

A big thanks to all those who participated and showed love for Old School. We hope you will join us next time!

  • james

    Hey there, great pics – but what is the story with Danny Friedman’s Volcanic Islands?

    • Danny Friedman

      They are altered Unlimited Volcanic Islands. The borders have been altered to the double-black type borders from Alpha/Beta, white squared-off dots in the bottom two corners, and Alpha-cut corners.

      • james

        Awesome 🙂 I bet they raise a few eyebrows – thanks for replying

  • I consider myself a reasonable and collected man, but if I would get to play Sean O’Brien with Nether Void in a Magic tournament, Juzam’s grin would look like a frown in comparison. That is next level old school.

    Great pics and beautiful decks, worth the wait 🙂

    • Danny Friedman

      I played against Sean in the swiss. His deck WRECKED ME. At least when I lost to Jaco with a 7-card Mind Twist on turn 1, I played spells!

      It was pretty cool playing against him with that deck though.

  • Johan Andersson

    This seems insanely sweet! I really hope to visit you guys for some Vintage and 93/94 action during Eternal Weekend some time. Maybe next year? I sure hope I can pull it off!

    Love Dustin’s deck, seems strangely familiar 😉

    Also, what Magnus said. Facing Sean with Nether Void, kinda wanna do that before I die 🙂


    • Dustin Espersen

      Yes, thanks for the deck design, FreeSpace!

      I thought it looked super sweet, so I just copied it 🙂


  • Sean OBrien

    Man I look fat. I punted with my Orb 4 times and likely couldn’t hit water from a row boat with the fucking thing. I got Heiner in the swiss but he obscured his Wall of Heat from me using German mind tricks and got me in the top 8.

    • Danny Friedman

      You didn’t need Chaos Orb to beat my deck. I don’t even remember playing any spells against you.

      • Sean OBrien

        Well … to be fair. You could have cast a spell. Maybe I miss the Nether Void trigger or maybe you just build storm. I needed the orb to not die to a fucking infinite/infinite Whirling Dervish. I wasn’t even drunk and I couldn’t hit that piece of shit with an oar.