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  • BIG PIMPIN – The Force of 300! By Terese Nielsen

    Our beloved Terese Nielsen is back with another amazing alteration. This new extreme alteration features the character Leonidas from the movie 300 (movie that you should watch if you haven’t yet). It’s gonna be up on eBay until February 16th, so get ready for another hardcore session of crazy bidding!

    Remember you can always check out our special offer and benefit of a 5% off + free shipping if you are interested on commissioning your own alterations. Terese also released a video with the process of how she altered this incredible Force of Will. We hope you really enjoy it!

    For more information please check out the oficial Terese Nielsen website or her personal blog.

  • Jack Sparrow’s Force of Will altered by Terese Nielsen

    Before I introduce you guys to the latest Terese Nielsen‘s alteration, let me just inform you that I’ve put on eBay part of my personal Pimp collection. There’s a total of 82 auctions that feature unique items in existance such as a playset of Foil Japanese Dark Confidant signed by Bob Maher. Please have a look at my eBay sales and good luck bidding!

    Back on topic! Our EC partner, Terese Nielsen, has just released this amazing alteration featuring Jack Sparrow and his epic loot, stolen from Dan Frazier’s archives. This is what Terese Nielsen writes herself about this alteration on her blog:

    I’ve been seeing Johnny Depp’s face everywhere because of his latest movie “The Tourist”, and was reminded of what a great “look” he has, and how fun it would be to paint him. Captain Jack Sparrow was a character I enjoyed immensly, so here his is, featured here on a Force of Will. His spoils include the  Mox Pearl, Mox Jet, Mox Emerald, Mox Ruby and Mox Sapphire.

    Click here to visit the eBay auction for Jack Sparrow’s Force of Will!

    Yet again, another amazing job by one of our favorite MtG artists of all times!

  • Thanks!

    Today is Thanksgiving and here at Eternal Central we have plenty of reasons to be thankful in such day. First of all, we’d like to say thanks to each of you who come visit us. It doesn’t matter if you come everyday or just once in a while because for us all of you are equally important and you guys are the reason why we keep running.

    Since the beginning of the EC site we’ve seen many changes and experimented such an unexpected growth that forced us towards taking some really important strategic decisions. Jason and I (Jordi) agreed on increasing the EC writer staff to help keep the site alive with more content on those periods that we won’t be able to spend that much time in front of the computer. You might have noticed that our new writers rarely publish articles, but for us that’s not really an issue. We are super thankful of what they’ve done so far as we’ve never asked them to write anything when they didn’t feel like doing so. We aren’t paying for the job neither, so everything they do is more than welcome and helps us a lot. So, let we’d love to say thanks to Nico, Benjamin, Andrew and our judge Raül too! (Also to Iñaki who contributed with a marvelous article recently!) Let me say that we aren’t a closed team and that we are always looking for people who’d like to contribute with articles, reports, videos, etc… As you’ll read later, our site is receiving an average of 2000 visits per day so imagine how many people you’ll reach if you contribute. This might be your start for a successful writer career! Hopefully in the near future we’ll get some sponsors that might turn those free articles in something you’ll get paid for doing. But our main objectives aren’t focused towards that direction rather than keep offering a good experience to our readers.

    (If you feel like helping us or joining the EC staff feel free to contact us at

    Let me tell you that we have a big announcement to make and that you’ll find a teaser of it right after the break.

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  • Japanese + Djinn Force of Will playset altered by Terese Nielsen

    This is probably the best playset of Force of Will we’ve ever seen altered from our EC sponsor, Terese Nielsen.  Congratulations to Alessio from Italy, the owner of this sick piece of art!

    Click on the image to zoom

    Terese, we love these Djinns + “Japanized” alterations!

    Remember that if you want to get your own cards altered by Terese Nielsen, here at Eternal Central we are offering you a 5% discount + free shipping (which tends to be expensive) by just following the instructions that can be found here or by clicking to our Terese Nielsen Banner.

  • Terese Nielsen Teams up with EC!

    You all know the passion we feel about Terese Nielsen and her work, specially the alterations. We’ve been promoting her art and auctions for many years already and will keep doing it as long as this website is up and running.

    Terese Nielsen is a woman with clear thinking and a very good sense of business. That’s why, after presenting her some data gathered by our Google Analytics and eBay Affiliate Program, she saw the possibility of working together. Many of you that come visit us are huge fans of her art as well, and you come because it’s probably the only place where you can keep the track of this kind of stuff.

    In the following link you’ll find all the information regarding our publicity agreement as well as the benefits from this offer, terms and conditions. You can also see some examples of her latest alterations and earlier work. Hope you guys enjoy this amazing deal!

    Terese Nielsen Alterations

    We’ve placed a banner at top of the sidebar as well as a tab on the top menu so you can always get access to this promotion.

    I’d like to finish this post with a video from Michael Jackson that describes very well the feeling of this moment.