July 2014 Banned & Restricted Update – No Changes to Vintage/Legacy/Modern; Cataclysm & Oloro, Ageless Ascetic Banned in Duel Commander

The DCI has announced their quarterly updates to the Banned and Restricted lists today, and there are no changes in any format.

The judges that run the Duel Commander Banned List(ie. ‘French Banned List’ for 1v1 Commander) have announced the following changes:
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic is banned as a Commander
Cataclysm is banned

Summer Starts with Magic – Announcing Prague Eternal 2014

(Editor’s Note: the following message is from a longtime reader and supporter of Eternal Central, who also is now organizing tournaments in Europe. Please check out this special announcement of a brand new large scale European tournament. Support Vintage everywhere!)

My name is Jan “ZUZY” Zuskac, and I am from Czech Republic. I have been playing Magic for about 14 years now. I started with Extended, and at that time I bought my first Japanese cards. Since that time I have been “pimping” my decks, and as the cards gets older they move into the realm of Vintage. I love Vintage, but it is not played as often as I would like, so I also play Legacy.

After I bought my first Power 9 cards I disappointingly found out that there were no Vintage tournaments in all of Czech Republic! That was about 7 years ago, but now there is the Czech Vintage and Legacy Series – 6 tournaments in Prague, Brno, and Pribram.

June 2012 Banned & Restricted Update – Land Tax Unbanned in Legacy, Griselbrand & Sundering Titan Banned in EDH/Commander

The DCI has announced their quarterly updates to the Banned and Restricted lists today, and Land Tax has been Unbanned in Legacy, and Griselbrand and Sundering Titan have landed on the EDH/Commander Banned list! There are no changes in any other format.

Standard, Extended, Modern, Block Constructed, Vintage
No changes.

Land Tax is Unbanned.

Griselbrand is Banned.
Sundering Titan is Banned.

From the Vault: Legends – Visual Spoiler Complete!

One of the products that has been most expected lately is the FTV: Legends box. All we knew about this product was the info provided on the official WotC site and a tiny little preview of some new art for a couple of cards: Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, Kresh the Bloodbraided and Progenitus.

Yesterday Monty Ashley from WotC made the official announcement of the content, and he was kind enough to include images for all the cards that are included in the box!

Commander: Sharuum Control (Competitive 1vs1)

Few months ago, I went to my local store in Barcelona and some of my friends started talking about this new format called Commander, and that they wanted to try it out. I knew about the existance of EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) but, honestly, it never caught my attention. Everybody was talking marvellous things about Commander,  the format where you could play with those old-school staples that were hidden in you dusty shoe boxes.

The dusty commons, uncommons and rares turned out to be a fun but losing machine. My friends and I tend to play for ante in every single format, so it took me few games (and bucks) to go from casual playing to designing a unbeatable deck for 1vs1.  So, what does it take to build a tier deck in commander?

The following article (which is free by the way) will try to cover my personal approach to competitive 1vs1 Commander based on the general Sharuum the Hegemon. This 99+1 card deck is designed to win games, and for that you need acceleration, protection, creatures, broken spells, removals, etc… but also, you need a well designed mana base.

EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) is now called Commander

Wizards of the Coast has recently announced the introduction of a new format named Commander. Well, we should clarify the word “new” here, as Commander isn’t exactly a new format at all. So what’s Commander all about?

Commander is a modern name for Elder Dragon Highlander, a casual Magic:The Gathering variant which emphasizes social interactions, interesting games, and creative deckbuilding. It can be played 1-on-1 but is usually multiplayer. While the name has changed (multiple times) over the years, it often goes by the nickname EDH.

(Quote source: www.mtgcommander.net)

The announcement was made by Aaron Forsythe 10 days ago, and it covers many cool aspects of this new product. Aaron also clarifies that WotC nor the DCI are taking over the rules of this format as they were designed by Sheldon Menery and his rules team.

Since here at Eternal Central we aren’t experts YET about Commander/EDH we are looking for someone who’d like to write about this format and introduce it nicely to our community. If you feel like joining the crew, please send us a mail to eternal.central@gmail.com ! Meanwhile, if you want to have a look at how Commander works, you should check out the official website www.mtgcommander.net or watch this video that was recorded last weekend in Chiba for the 2010 Worlds: