The Alyssa Bereznak VS Jon Finkel Romance

Jon Finkel, the man, the legend, who’s recently top16’ed at PT Philadelphia, has become the hero and idol of thousands of magic and not mtg-related nerds around the world. But, why?

Alyssa Bereznak, former writter for Gizmodo (one of the most popular blogs about technology and other nerd stuff), published an article on August 29th 2011 about her date with our World Champion: “My OkCupid Affair With A World Champion Magic: The Gathering Player”.

The article is wrong and controversial in many aspects and that’s why it has awaken the fury and anger of many nerds around the world and become a top class meme on the net.

This is a short passage of the article:

[…] At dinner I got straight down to it. Did he still play? “Yes.” Strike one. How often? “I’m preparing for a tournament this weekend.” Strike two. Who did he hang out with? “I’ve met all my best friends through Magic.” Strike three. […]

BIG PIMPIN – What’s on the radar?

Click on the image to go to the eBay auction

It’s been a while since last time we published a post with big rarities, so this is one is meant to be helpful for you to track some of the most awesome things that are going on right now on eBay. Keep your radar on while you read this!

The first cards I’d like to show you are three Revised Edition Miscut Underground Sea. Two of them are extreme miscut and are showing the bottom part of the card Island Fish Jasconius on the top of it, just like the one in the picture to the right.

This type of miscut on highly playable cards can increase the value of the card up to 100 times from its original version. For instance, an extreme miscut Brainstorm (just like the one I have), that cost $2 on its regular version, could easily overpass the $200 barrier. So, now think of the price of one of these Underground Sea. In fact, these cards are actually more rare than any Alpha/Beta Underground Sea, and that should give you a little hint of how much is people willing to pay for them. But if you still aren’t convinced, make sure to click on the images to discover their prices.

Keep reading if you’d like to see the other two Underground Sea and many, many, MANY more rarities, such as an Splendid Genesis or an awesome artist altered Ancestral Recall!

Instant Analysis – SCG Boston & Spanish Legacy Nationals

This article is meant to be a short and straight analysis of the current state of the Legacy format according to the last 2 big tournaments: Star City Games Open Series 2011 – Boston (268 players) + Spanish Legacy Nationals – Alcoy (318 players). I’m not going to judge wether Legacy is a healthy format or not. I’m leaving that to you and to the community. Right now I’m just going to focus on the numbers obtained by the most played decks in these two tournaments.

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Discover what’s hidden behind the deck numbers right after the break!

From the Vault: Legends – Visual Spoiler Complete!

One of the products that has been most expected lately is the FTV: Legends box. All we knew about this product was the info provided on the official WotC site and a tiny little preview of some new art for a couple of cards: Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, Kresh the Bloodbraided and Progenitus.

Yesterday Monty Ashley from WotC made the official announcement of the content, and he was kind enough to include images for all the cards that are included in the box!

Commander: Sharuum Control (Competitive 1vs1)

Few months ago, I went to my local store in Barcelona and some of my friends started talking about this new format called Commander, and that they wanted to try it out. I knew about the existance of EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) but, honestly, it never caught my attention. Everybody was talking marvellous things about Commander,  the format where you could play with those old-school staples that were hidden in you dusty shoe boxes.

The dusty commons, uncommons and rares turned out to be a fun but losing machine. My friends and I tend to play for ante in every single format, so it took me few games (and bucks) to go from casual playing to designing a unbeatable deck for 1vs1.  So, what does it take to build a tier deck in commander?

The following article (which is free by the way) will try to cover my personal approach to competitive 1vs1 Commander based on the general Sharuum the Hegemon. This 99+1 card deck is designed to win games, and for that you need acceleration, protection, creatures, broken spells, removals, etc… but also, you need a well designed mana base.

Top8 and Day1 Undefeated decklists from GP Providence

Grand Prix Providence has come to an end and James Rynkiewicz is the official winner. James piloted a GWU Bant deck without Force of Will that managed to defeat all his opponents all the way to the victory. As you will see after the break, there are 8 different archetypes in the Top8 despite the HUGE amount of players that sleeved up Stoneforge Mystic + Batterskull. Once again, as happened in Bazaar of Moxen 5, Mental Misstep was one of the most played cards among Top8 players; 7 out of 8 decks played at least 3 copies of this free counterspell.

The downside of GP Providence is, obviously, the small turn out. This GP hasn’t gathered more people than Bazaar of Moxen. Wizards of the Coast has tried not to mention the official number. You can’t find it anywhere in the official coverage page unless you do a manual count of the 1st round pairings + byes. My count estimates 598 players. That doesn’t seem a lot to me, honestly. Thanks to Garret we know that there were 1179 players inscribed for day one, which is pretty acceptable turn out but not even close to what GP Madrid achieved last year.

Anyways, my EC partner Jason Jaco was there to witness and he’ll probably come with one of his Instant Analysis articles for this event. Meanwhile please enjoy the Top8 + Day 1 Undefeated decklists (after the break).

BIG PIMPIN – Signatures, Alterations and Miscuts

As some of you might know, I released part of my pimp collection a couple of months ago. Lucky you if you managed to grab some! Many of you keep asking me if I’ll quit pimping. The answer is clear: No, but my idea of pimp has changed, evolved.

Foil Japanese reached a level of craziness that only few can afford. Five or six years ago, the price for the best playable Foil Japanese cards would go around 50-60€/each, being Goblin Welder the most expensive, at around 100€/each, due to its rarity, as long with Merchant Scroll, due to the misprint.

Nowadays, everytime a good playable card comes out, it tends to be a Mythic Rare and the price it reaches in the foil japanese version it’s non-sense. When a new expansion comes out, every pimper out there should prepare his wallet for a huge investment if he wants to be updated. So, I took the decission to stop investing on paper, and I actually invested on silver.