• BIG PIMPIN – The most pimp Mana Drains you’ve ever seen!

    It’s hard to describe how amazing these Mana Drain are. So, less words more pimp!

    Mark Tedin is taking it into a new dimension. Congratulations to Mr. Juzam from Tipo1.it!

  • SCG Open Series – Atlanta LIVE STREAM!

    Day 2 of the SCG Open Series – Atlanta is about to begin and here we are again with the LIVE STREAM for the Top4 of the Standard main event and the full Legacy tournament. Stay tuned for some serious Legacy matches between some of the best players of the american scene!

  • The Alyssa Bereznak VS Jon Finkel Romance

    Jon Finkel, the man, the legend, who’s recently top16’ed at PT Philadelphia, has become the hero and idol of thousands of magic and not mtg-related nerds around the world. But, why?

    Alyssa Bereznak, former writter for Gizmodo (one of the most popular blogs about technology and other nerd stuff), published an article on August 29th 2011 about her date with our World Champion: “My OkCupid Affair With A World Champion Magic: The Gathering Player”.

    The article is wrong and controversial in many aspects and that’s why it has awaken the fury and anger of many nerds around the world and become a top class meme on the net.

    This is a short passage of the article:

    […] At dinner I got straight down to it. Did he still play? “Yes.” Strike one. How often? “I’m preparing for a tournament this weekend.” Strike two. Who did he hang out with? “I’ve met all my best friends through Magic.” Strike three. […]

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  • BIG PIMPIN – What’s on the radar?

    Click on the image to go to the eBay auction

    It’s been a while since last time we published a post with big rarities, so this is one is meant to be helpful for you to track some of the most awesome things that are going on right now on eBay. Keep your radar on while you read this!

    The first cards I’d like to show you are three Revised Edition Miscut Underground Sea. Two of them are extreme miscut and are showing the bottom part of the card Island Fish Jasconius on the top of it, just like the one in the picture to the right.

    This type of miscut on highly playable cards can increase the value of the card up to 100 times from its original version. For instance, an extreme miscut Brainstorm (just like the one I have), that cost $2 on its regular version, could easily overpass the $200 barrier. So, now think of the price of one of these Underground Sea. In fact, these cards are actually more rare than any Alpha/Beta Underground Sea, and that should give you a little hint of how much is people willing to pay for them. But if you still aren’t convinced, make sure to click on the images to discover their prices.

    Keep reading if you’d like to see the other two Underground Sea and many, many, MANY more rarities, such as an Splendid Genesis or an awesome artist altered Ancestral Recall!

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  • Instant Analysis – SCG Boston & Spanish Legacy Nationals

    This article is meant to be a short and straight analysis of the current state of the Legacy format according to the last 2 big tournaments: Star City Games Open Series 2011 – Boston (268 players) + Spanish Legacy Nationals – Alcoy (318 players). I’m not going to judge wether Legacy is a healthy format or not. I’m leaving that to you and to the mtgthesource.com community. Right now I’m just going to focus on the numbers obtained by the most played decks in these two tournaments.

    [poll id=”8″]

    Discover what’s hidden behind the deck numbers right after the break!

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  • Korean will return to Magic with M12 in October 2011

    Wizards of the Coast just announced that Korean will be back as a printed language with M12 from October 14. This is the official announcement:

    When Korean makes its triumphant return in Magic 2012, Magic will reach its highest number of simultaneous languages ever: English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish! The Magic 2012 Core Set will launch in Korean on October 14. Innistrad will also be in Korean a little bit later than the other languages, but Dark Ascension will be in Korean on February 3 along with all the other langauges. And then we’ll have a simultaneous eleven-language global release from then on. It’s very exciting!

    Beware of a new era for the Pimp movement that will obviously go crazy for Foil Korean cards. How much will the most played cards cost?

  • SCG Open Series – Richmond LIVE STREAM!

    Day 2 of the SCG Open Series – Richmond is about to begin and here we are again with the LIVE STREAM for the Top4 of the Standard main event and the full Legacy tournament. Stay tuned for some serious Legacy matches between some of the best players of the american scene!

  • From the Vault: Legends – Visual Spoiler Complete!

    One of the products that has been most expected lately is the FTV: Legends box. All we knew about this product was the info provided on the official WotC site and a tiny little preview of some new art for a couple of cards: Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, Kresh the Bloodbraided and Progenitus.

    Yesterday Monty Ashley from WotC made the official announcement of the content, and he was kind enough to include images for all the cards that are included in the box!

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  • Commander: Sharuum Control (Competitive 1vs1)

    Few months ago, I went to my local store in Barcelona and some of my friends started talking about this new format called Commander, and that they wanted to try it out. I knew about the existance of EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) but, honestly, it never caught my attention. Everybody was talking marvellous things about Commander,  the format where you could play with those old-school staples that were hidden in you dusty shoe boxes.

    The dusty commons, uncommons and rares turned out to be a fun but losing machine. My friends and I tend to play for ante in every single format, so it took me few games (and bucks) to go from casual playing to designing a unbeatable deck for 1vs1.  So, what does it take to build a tier deck in commander?

    The following article (which is free by the way) will try to cover my personal approach to competitive 1vs1 Commander based on the general Sharuum the Hegemon. This 99+1 card deck is designed to win games, and for that you need acceleration, protection, creatures, broken spells, removals, etc… but also, you need a well designed mana base.

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  • Gen Con 2011 LIVE STREAM!

    The 2011 Gen Con is currently taking place in Indianapolis this weekend and we are lucky enough to catch the Top8 LIVE of the Vintage World Championship as soon as they are done with the USnats! Our Eternal Central Contributor, Stephen Menendian is currently 4-0 5-0 according to his twitter account @SMenendian.

    Stephen Menendian

    @SMenendian Stephen Menendian
    5-0 just beat Paul mastriono my good friend and teammate 🙁

    Stay tuned to our LIVE Stream (powered by GGSLive) to watch all the upcoming events:

  • Top16 decklists of Seattle SCG Open Series

    The Seattle Legacy Star City Games Open Series tournament has come to an end with a clear, clear domination of the Show and tell / Hive Mind decks. After 8 rounds of swiss and a very tight Top8, Ben Swartz’s Hive Mind deck defeated Sean Ryan’s NO RUG to become the champion and take the $2000 back home.

    The rest of the Top8 pairings and the Top16 decklists right after the break.

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  • Top8 and Day1 Undefeated decklists from GP Providence

    Grand Prix Providence has come to an end and James Rynkiewicz is the official winner. James piloted a GWU Bant deck without Force of Will that managed to defeat all his opponents all the way to the victory. As you will see after the break, there are 8 different archetypes in the Top8 despite the HUGE amount of players that sleeved up Stoneforge Mystic + Batterskull. Once again, as happened in Bazaar of Moxen 5, Mental Misstep was one of the most played cards among Top8 players; 7 out of 8 decks played at least 3 copies of this free counterspell.

    The downside of GP Providence is, obviously, the small turn out. This GP hasn’t gathered more people than Bazaar of Moxen. Wizards of the Coast has tried not to mention the official number. You can’t find it anywhere in the official coverage page unless you do a manual count of the 1st round pairings + byes. My count estimates 598 players. That doesn’t seem a lot to me, honestly. Thanks to Garret we know that there were 1179 players inscribed for day one, which is pretty acceptable turn out but not even close to what GP Madrid achieved last year.

    Anyways, my EC partner Jason Jaco was there to witness and he’ll probably come with one of his Instant Analysis articles for this event. Meanwhile please enjoy the Top8 + Day 1 Undefeated decklists (after the break).

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  • Legacy Grand Prix Providence LIVE STREAM

    The first of the two Legacy Grand Prix is about to begin. People all around the globe is gathering in Providence (USA) to win the usual GP prizes. After Bazaar of Moxen 5 (Annecy), this GP is the next big tournament of the post NPH era. Will Mental Misstep show up in most of top8 decks? Are we going to see any new technologies being played? The answer to all these questions will be given during the weekend and you can watch them here by following the GGslive LIVE STREAM during this 2 day long intense coverage.

    Live video chat by Ustream

  • Show and Tell Surprise! Adam Crawford Got PWNED

    The following happened during the past SCG Open in Charlotte. Adam Crawford (Sneak Show) VS Kenny Meyer (Zoo Battle of Wits). An epic moment happened during their first game:


  • BIG PIMPIN – Signatures, Alterations and Miscuts

    As some of you might know, I released part of my pimp collection a couple of months ago. Lucky you if you managed to grab some! Many of you keep asking me if I’ll quit pimping. The answer is clear: No, but my idea of pimp has changed, evolved.

    Foil Japanese reached a level of craziness that only few can afford. Five or six years ago, the price for the best playable Foil Japanese cards would go around 50-60€/each, being Goblin Welder the most expensive, at around 100€/each, due to its rarity, as long with Merchant Scroll, due to the misprint.

    Nowadays, everytime a good playable card comes out, it tends to be a Mythic Rare and the price it reaches in the foil japanese version it’s non-sense. When a new expansion comes out, every pimper out there should prepare his wallet for a huge investment if he wants to be updated. So, I took the decission to stop investing on paper, and I actually invested on silver.

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  • Grand Prix Barcelona, here we go!

    In case you didn’t know (or you forgot), this weekend will take place in Barcelona (Spain) the next Grand Prix. The one who’s writting here happens to live in Barcelona, so you can expect some pictures and reports of the event as soon as the weekend passes by. A quick reference to the event site:

    Fira De Barcelona (Montjuic), Hall 8
    Avda. Reina Maria Cristina s/n
    08004 Barcelona

    Google Maps

    As I, personally, couldn’t care less about yugi’oh formats such as Standard or Extended (much respect for the pro’s and kids who play it though), my personal goal at the GP is to get my cards signed and to play the Legacy/Vintage side events. When the first news about the GP arised, I was surprised to see that Greg Staples was comming to sign cards (together with John Avon). Damn, seriously! Greg Staples? I almost jizzed in my pants when I read about it! Why? Because I happen to have a playset of Japanese Ill-Gotten Gains signed by the singer Iggy-Pop! (picture after the break). My wet dreams of getting that playset double signed were about to become true until… yesterday.

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  • Tribute And Support To The Japanese MtG Community

    The world is still in shock after the Earthquake + Tsunami that hit Japan recently. Here at Eternal Central we’d love to show our support to all the Japanese MtG players and to all Japan’s citizens. You guys are strong and will definitely recover from such a catastrophy faster than anyone else.

    And as a related note to this entry, the other day while reading an online newspaper, there was an article that talked about the lost items in Japan and discovered the following image:
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  • SCG Dallas / Fort Worth LIVE Coverage!

    Despite of the low quality of the stream being offered by the SCG guys this time, here we are again with the LIVE Stream of the Star City Games 2011 Open Series tournament that is being held in Dallas/Forth Worth. Hopefully the quality of the stream will improve eventually!

    Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

  • No changes with the March 18th 2011 Banned & Restricted List

    The DCI has announced the March’s update on the banned and restricted list and no changes on it were applied. This means we will enjoy Magic as we know it, for at least 3 more months.

    Announcement Date: March 18, 2011
    Effective Date: April 1, 2011
    Magic Online Effective Date: TBD

    Scars of Mirrodin Block Constructed, Standard, Extended, Legacy, Vintage
    No changes

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  • Real Men Play Combo – Oh wait! Something is wrong here!

    Hello everybody!

    We apologize for the lack of posts that we’ve been publishing lately. Both Jason and I have been extremely busy lately, leaving almost no time to writing articles and such. We promise to be back on track shortly. We appreciate your visits daily to check for new updates, articles, etc… Thanks a lot!

    On the mean time, We’d like you to watch this video that was recorded during SCG – NJ. We promise you’ll love it!

    Can anyone tell me where can I buy those “Bacon” sleeves? 😀

  • BIG PIMPIN – The Force of 300! By Terese Nielsen

    Our beloved Terese Nielsen is back with another amazing alteration. This new extreme alteration features the character Leonidas from the movie 300 (movie that you should watch if you haven’t yet). It’s gonna be up on eBay until February 16th, so get ready for another hardcore session of crazy bidding!

    Remember you can always check out our special offer and benefit of a 5% off + free shipping if you are interested on commissioning your own alterations. Terese also released a video with the process of how she altered this incredible Force of Will. We hope you really enjoy it!

    For more information please check out the oficial Terese Nielsen website or her personal blog.

  • BIG PIMPIN – The Rick Roll Ritual!

    Courtesy of our Eternal Central partner, artist Ken Meyer Jr., I received this awesome playset of Dark Rituals. From now on get ready to be Rick Roll’ed at any tournament! Because I am gonna Rick Roll you!

    (Click on the image to zoom)

    And after the break something that you might also enjoy 🙂
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  • SCG Open Series (Legacy)- San Jose LIVE Broadcast

    The Star City Games 2011 Open Series doesn’t cease its activity! Just a week after the SCG Kansas City Open (Top16 decklists) here we are again with the 2nd stop of this 1-year journey. We saw Chris Osinski and his goblin team get the 1st spot over many Merfolk players and some other innovative deck designs. With 5 out of the 8 best players running Aether Vial, do you guys think it will keep being the same, or do you think other new strategies will arise?

    Enjoy the LIVE broadcast! (Legacy Should start around 19:00 CET aprox.)

  • Jack Sparrow’s Force of Will altered by Terese Nielsen

    Before I introduce you guys to the latest Terese Nielsen‘s alteration, let me just inform you that I’ve put on eBay part of my personal Pimp collection. There’s a total of 82 auctions that feature unique items in existance such as a playset of Foil Japanese Dark Confidant signed by Bob Maher. Please have a look at my eBay sales and good luck bidding!

    Back on topic! Our EC partner, Terese Nielsen, has just released this amazing alteration featuring Jack Sparrow and his epic loot, stolen from Dan Frazier’s archives. This is what Terese Nielsen writes herself about this alteration on her blog:

    I’ve been seeing Johnny Depp’s face everywhere because of his latest movie “The Tourist”, and was reminded of what a great “look” he has, and how fun it would be to paint him. Captain Jack Sparrow was a character I enjoyed immensly, so here his is, featured here on a Force of Will. His spoils include the  Mox Pearl, Mox Jet, Mox Emerald, Mox Ruby and Mox Sapphire.

    Click here to visit the eBay auction for Jack Sparrow’s Force of Will!

    Yet again, another amazing job by one of our favorite MtG artists of all times!