Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 4: Citizens on Patrol

Evan Nyquist (Überwucherung), Andrew Wright (biglongjohns), Brendan Hagan (seemsgood) are joined (late) by Sean O’Brien (nedleeds) for the fourth episode of Tusk Talk. This episode we take a look at the Giga-Bites Quarterly Duel for Duals, Elfs, Blood Moon, Elfmill, GP Atlanta and Seattle, the Eternal scene in the Atlanta are,a and touch on some spoilers.


Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 3: SCG St. Louis, Grand Prix Expectations, SCG Open Changes, and More

Evan Nyquist (Überwucherung), Andrew Wright (biglongjohns), Sean O’Brien (nedleeds) are joined (late) by Miracle aficionado Brian Plattenburg (alphastryk) for the third episode of Tusk Talk. This episode we take a look at the SCG St. Louis results, the announcement that SCG Sunday prize support is being eradicated, hero worship, and the Game of Chaos.


Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 2: Legacy Post-Dig & SCG Atlanta Legacy

Evan Nyquist (Überwucherung) and Andrew Wright (biglongjohns) are joined by two time SCG Top 8 Choke Artist Josh Hand (megadeus) for the second episode of Tusk Talk. In this episode we take a look at the emerging Legacy metagame post-Dig Through Time, the SCG Atlanta results, and cover Josh’s 9th place failure with Enchantress.


Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 1: Welcome to the Terrordome

Sean O’Brien (nedleeds), Evan Nyquist (Überwucherung), and Andrew Wright (biglongjohns) present the premier episode of Tusk Talk. Tusk Talk is an Eternal Magic podcast hosted by members of Team Tusk. This episode’s topics include the September 28th Banned & Restricted announcement, Battle For Zendikar, Stone Rain, and other inane topics.


Team Tusk Presents: Bulletproof Monk

When Monastery Mentor was spoiled I immediately knew it was the kind of card that could draw me away from my lord and savior, Mishra. Other creature strategies have risen to prominence over the last few years, mainly centered around Delver of Secrets, but I never felt the urge to sleeve the insect up. I’m not a fan of Delver of Secrets as a magic card or the URx shells it resides in for Vintage. My reasoning is that I get so few chances to play paper Vintage, so when I do I don’t want to play a Legacy deck. For this same reason I don’t want to play something like BUG Tempo in Vintage, or Merfolk, even though they may be viable decks. I want to do borderline broken things with my own spells, or I want to oppress others and make them wish they hadn’t gotten in the car that morning. Hence my affinity for Workshops. On the surface, Monastery Mentor seemed to be on a different level of broken than these other creature pillars, so I set out to put a deck together with it.