• It’s a Dredgedy – 37th out of 1,345 with Dredge at GP Ghent

    Hello and welcome back to my article cycle about Dredge. Today I’ll be writing a tournament report about the Legacy Grand Prix in Ghent. Of course I played Dredge (decklist here, for reference) because it’s the only deck I feel most confidant with while playing. And you need confidence at the Grand Prix.
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  • It’s a Dredgedy – The Vintage Takeover

    Hello, and welcome back! In my last article I briefly introduced myself and described the genesis of my Legacy Dredge deck, and performance at the 2012 Bazaar of Moxen (BoM) Legacy events. While I was not able to repeat my Top 4 performance from the previous year in the Legacy portion, I was able to play Dredge in the Vintage main event at BoM and ended up winning the whole thing! Below I’ll describe how that happened, and talk a bit about Dredge in Vintage. Continue Reading

  • It’s a Dredgedy – The Legacy Takeover

    Hello and welcome readers! Since this is my first article I thought I would take a brief moment to introduce myself. My name is Erik and I’m 23 years old. I was born in Germany where I’m still living, and I’ve been playing Magic since 2000. At first I played casually, but with the printing of Darksteel back in 2004 I dove into the Standard scene, playing mostly aggro-decks like White Weenie or Raffinity. In 2005 I quit playing for about two years, only to return in 2007. This time my format of choice was Legacy. After trying a few control decks I then discovered a deck called “Dredge,” which was still under heavy development at the time. With the printing of Bridge from Below and Narcomoeba in Future Sight this deck seemed quite strong to me. I played quite a bad version of it – with Lion’s Eye Diamond and Deep Analysis, as well as Homura, Human Ascendant – to a passable finish at my first tournament with this deck. Continue Reading