Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 33: SCG Open Changes & Commander 2014

In episode 33 of #EverydayEternal, the original cast is reunited! Sean O’Brien (nedleeds), Matt Pavlic (@SDE_Matt), Jacob Kory (@mtgkoby), and Sam Craven (@thecravenone) join up to talk recent news in Eternal, including big changes to the SCG Open Series. The guys break down their choices for the most playable cards in the new Commander 2014 set. And as always, Matt has a new pet card for Legacy.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 32: Preparing for GP New Jersey

With Grand Prix: New Jersey on the horizon, episode 32 of #EverydayEternal finds Sam Craven (@thecravenone) and Matt Pavlic (@SDE_Matt) discussing the top Legacy decks from both Legacy Champs and the StarCityGames Legacy Open in Minneapolis. Included in the conversation is how to handle these decks, what metagame changes these decks could bring, and how to deal with those change.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 30: Delving into Previous Misgivings

In episode 30 of #EverydayEternal Matt Pavlic (sdematt) talks with Bob Huang (@silyaznfoo) about Bob’s recent win at the StarCityGames Legacy Open in New Jersey with a UR Delver deck packed with Kahns of Tarkir cards, and how very wrong the ‘cast was in its initial evaluation of those cards. Sean O’Brien (nedleeds) also briefly joins in towards the end to talk a bit of Vintage. This will be followed up with a preview of Eternal Weekend coming soon!


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 29: Finally, a Use for Magic Online

In episode 29 of #EverydayEternal Matt Pavlic (sdematt), Sam Craven (@thecravenone), and Julian Knab (@itsJulian23) wrap up the last of the new cards from Khans of Tarkir. There’s not a lot left, so the discussion quickly moves from the plane of the Khans to the realm of online Magic. Sam introduces us to the Vintage Super League, which he hopes will bring more attention and interest to Vintage. Julian shares stories from the recent Legacy MOCS – the only non-GP Legacy tournament that can be used to qualify for a Pro Tour.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 28: Dega Rules, Mardu Drools!

In episode 28 of #EverydayEternal Matt Pavlic (sdematt) and Sean O’Brien (nedleeds) talk Khans of Tarkir spoilers, and Sean’s Vintage experiences at GenCon 2014. They’re later joined by Julian Knab (@itsJulian23) to talk about Matt’s recent port of Sean’s Dega Vintage deck in to Legacy. But Julian isn’t convinced. Between Miracles and Elves, is there room for such a deck in the format?


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 27: The Brainstorm Blues Part 2

With so many facets to Brainstorm, episode 27 of #EverydayEternal finds Matt Pavlic (sdematt), Jacob Kory (@MTGKoby), Julian Knab (@itsJulian23), and special guest Ben Wheeler (@TopOnMyUpkeep) further discussing ways to fight the blue menace. First, is Brainstorm really the problem? The team seems to agree that an over-reliance on misunderstood statistics could indicate that it’s not. In case it is, what can WotC do about it? Both card creation and potential unbannings are explored.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 26: The Brainstorm Blues

In episode 26 of #EverydayEternal Matt Pavlic (sdematt), Julian Knab (@itsJulian23), and Jacob Kory (@MTGKoby) discuss two things key to the long term existence of Legacy. First, Matt rebuts a recent article claiming that Brainstorm is too dominant in Legacy. Later the guys discuss the recently announced Grand Prix schedule for 2015 which includes 50% more Legacy events than last year! From there, the cast discuss their recent attempts to break the format, including a new Lands deck for Jacob and a revamped New Horizons deck for Matt.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 25: Back in Black (and Green)

In episode 25 of #EverydayEternal, Sam Craven (@thecravenone), Julian Knab (@itsJulian23), and Matt Pavlic (sdematt), talk recent tournament results across both Vintage and Legacy. Matt and Julian regale with recent tournament results in each format. Julian tells us about his win at Prague Eternal, and Matt talks about why winning Feels So Good.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 23: Deck Changes in a Slow Moving Metagame

In a rambling episode 23 of #EverydayEternal, Matt and Julian Knab (@itsJulian23 on Twitter) discuss recent changes to several decks. Julian provides some insight into his unusual choices in Elves, and we analyze some of the changes that are becoming more popular lately. To cap it off, Julian and Matt field a community building question about getting people into playing with real cards.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 22: Bazaar of Guests

In episode 22 of #EverydayEternal, Matt is joined by some of Europe’s finest to talk about their experiences at the 2014 Bazaar of Moxen. Marc König (@Bahra01 on Twitter), Jean-Mary Accart, and regular guest Julian Knab (@itsJulian23 on Twitter) discuss their deck choices, fun stories, and the future of large Eternal tournaments, such as Bazaar of Moxen.


Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 21: Bazaar of Miracles

In episode 21 of #EverydayEternal, Matt and Sam are joined by Julian Knab (@itsJulian23 on Twitter) to discuss predictions for this weekend’s Bazaar of Moxen. We expect Miracles and Team America to be the strongest contenders, with Jund as a possible spoiler deck. In our continuing discussion on Team America, we do a deck deconstruction and discuss the core of the deck and how to deal with it. This is part 2 of this week’s DOUBLE EP release! Check out part 1 here.