Old School Magic 93-94 – Blood Diamond

Welcome to Old School Month on Eternal Central. We’re looking at a different Old School 93-94 deck each day of the month. Today’s deck is called Blood Diamond, for the presence to both Blood Moon and Diamond Valley. One sees a fair amount of Old School play, while the other is pretty rare.

Blood Diamond is a red and white deck that utilizes synergies with Diamond Valley and other recurring card advantage themes, while using Mirror Universe as another kill condition (and life buffer). Here is a version I recently played, tilted slightly more towards playing against aggressive and mid-range creature decks.

Old School Magic 93-94 – JunkShop Reanimator

Welcome to Old School Month on Eternal Central. In our first primer we’ll take a look at a cool hybrid strategy that I refer to as “JunkShop Reanimator.” Junk for the colors black, green, and white (which historically has been referred to as “Junk,” for old Pro Tour decks), Shop for the Mishra’s Workshops that help fuel the deck, and Reanimator for the reanimation spells that help bring back our fatties.