Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 2: Deathblade!

Everyday Eternal Episode 2

In the second episode of #EverydayEternal, Matt Pavlic (sdematt), Jacob Kory (@MTGKoby on Twitter), Sean O’Brien (nedleeds), and Sam Craven (@TheCravenOne on Twitter) discuss the results of the most recent Star City Opens, with a focus on the newest bully on the Legacy playground, Deathblade.


Here’s the timestamped table of contents for your listening ease and enjoyment:
0:01:09 – Recap of the results of the SCG Legacy Open Baltimore, including a brief deck analysis of U/B Tezzerator and Death & Taxes
0:17:35 – Upcoming events – Proxy Vintage at Grand Prix: Las Vegas, and discussion about Eternal Weekend
0:24:09 – Deathblade: An in depth analysis
0:49:23 – Modern Masters, and why pimpin’ ain’t easy in these trying times
0:56:39 – Grand Prix: Las Vegas – What’s going on?
1:04:06 – Discussion about the SCG Open Series
1:07:33 – A brief look into our thoughts and experiences with the Modern format
1:11:19 – Outro & Contact info
Total runtime: 1:12:24

Thanks again for listening! If you have any questions or just want to chat, let us know on Twitter (@EternalMTG), or email (EverydayEternalCast@gmail.com), or in the comments section below.

Everyday Eternal

The Everyday Eternal Podcast is a fun loving group of dudes discussing Eternal Magic. Matt Pavlic, Jacob Kory, Sam Craven, Sean O'Brien, and Julian Knab are frequent contributors, and guest appearances from the community's finest are often seen/heard.

  • t

    I don’t understand why you people keep using BUG LandStill or Pernicious Deed as an example or as an argument, it’s horrible. BUG LandStill has not win anything in recent months/years. Pernicious Deed only exists in Nic fit, as of 2013.

    Graveyard at this pt is to fight it or join it, lack of utilization is not an option.

  • lordfrezon

    Love the cast, super entertaining and informative. The dynamic between you guys is awesome and hilarious to listen to. Episode 1 had its issues, but this one was much better. Keep it up, and looking forward to downloading episode 3!