Everyday Eternal Podcast Episode 15: 2013 Year in Review

In episode 15 of #EverydayEternal, Matt Pavlic (sdematt) and and Sam Craven (@TheCravenOne) reminisce about 2013, and the changes that the year brought.

Harkening back to our fourth episode, we open with a brief discussion with Michael (Minileets on The Source) about his experience over the last several months with building a Legacy community from the ground up.

Matt gives us his short SCG Invitational report, and then it’s on to the year in review!

All three casters have tournament reports including Grand Prix: Washington DC, The Vancouver Legacy Classic, and StarCityGames Providence Legacy Open. We do a bit more analysis on True-Name Nemesis, including the impact on Legacy, and where we see the metagame going from here. We close out with a bit of listener feedback.


0:00:29 Growing a Legacy community from the ground up
0:14:14 Matt’s Vegas Report
0:23:16 2013 Year in Review
0:24:55 Enter the Infinite
0:28:07 Beck//Call, Notion Thief, and Ral Zarek
0:32:27 Young Pyromancer
0:36:00 Ashen Rider, Nykthos, and Spellheart Chimera
0:41:37 Swan Song
0:45:13 Wear//Tear
0:47:58 Decks that made it big this year: The rise and fall of Deathblade, and the rise and continued dominance of Elves!
0:53:38 Metagame changes GP: Denver to GP: DC
1:06:30 Our personal “year in Magic,” and Outro

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  • t

    A good player would be the first to recognize that having 0-3 and/or 1-3 is evident of bad plays or mistake on our behalf, instead of saying luck sack.

    I enjoy the puns, cheesy but good. Omni still runs sol lands, Wastes are not totally dead.

    Jund Depths really should get a mention. If not this, maybe next.

  • A

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hate that this is called “Every Day Eternal”, it has never really had any Vintage content and it feels so misleading every time I read to show notes after seeing the name :/.

    There’s nothing wrong with the “Every Day Legacy” podcast, but it’s simply not the “Every Day Eternal” eclectic mix I expect.

    • Evan IsGeekin

      legacy is a eternal format