Pending Updates

Eternal Central is continuing to evolve, and as our needs continue to change we’ll continue to experiment with different layouts and features this fall/winter (2017 Q4). We will be implementing updated typography for better featuring medium and long form writing, new page templating, higher resolution images, and better mobile layouts.

Development Issues

With the ongoing redesign of Eternal Central we are currently working through a few known issues and bugs. We will always post known issues here. Current Known Issues, in Order of Fix Priority:
1) Tag and Author pages/slugs are not displaying correctly, and are also displaying unwanted links and menus at the top.
2) Some Magic card and decklist tags not displaying properly, due to conflicts with existing MTG card plugins.

We are working to have these issues fixed ASAP. As you browse through and use Eternal Central and notice any other issues, please contact us at We are always working to make this site more intuitive and user-friendly.

WordPress Plugin Development

We are also searching for someone to help custom program a Magic related WordPress plugin for card tagging and deck display. All of the existing ones have flaws, and we’d like a new one that displays much better on mobile devices, and is fully customizable. If you think you can help us out please contact us at