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  • [Video]: LCV6 July – Rubén González VS Albert Vila Top4 G2

    We know you are lovin’ it! No, no, I’m not talking about McDonald’s! Game 2 is available already and we can asure you it’s yet another great game with an incredible turn out. Who will become the winner of the second game? Rubén or Albert? Find it out after the break.

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  • GenCon Indy 2010 Vintage Champs Top 8 Decklists

    The GenCon Indy 2010 Vintage Champs was last weekend, and we now have the decklists, shown below. There is plenty of interesting technology, so check it out after the jump and enjoy!

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  • [Video]: LCV6 July – Rubén González VS Albert Vila Top4 G1

    This is the first game of the semifinals of the July LCV6 (Catalan Vintage League) between Rubén González (Storm City Bond) and Albert Vila (Dark Tezz). We’ve seen Ruben pass through the quarterfinals without many troubles. This first game (after the break), is an intense game with multiple Yawgmoth’s Will, Tinkers and lot more. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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  • [Video]: LCV6 July – Rubén González VS Manuel Navascues Top8 G2

    While we make some time before the GENCON Legacy coverage begins, let us entertain you with the second game from the quarterfinals of the last Catalan Vintage League (LCV) between Manuel Navascues (Selkie Fish) and Rubén González (Storm City Bond).

    We saw Rubén defeat Manuel on game 1 due to the mana screw that Manuel suffered on the early game. Game 2 long, intense and full of surprises. Are you gonna miss it? The video, as usual, right after the break.

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  • GenCon Indy 2010 Live Coverage!

    As promised last weekend, we are running live coverage of the GenCon Indy 2010. We’ll try to gather as much information as possible about the Legacy and Vintage events as updates flow in, and of course, we’ll be featuring the live streaming from

    The Legacy LIVE coverage should start around 17:00 CET

    More information will be published after the break:

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  • [Video]: LCV6 July – Rubén González VS Manuel Navascues Top8 G1

    Starting today, we’ll be releasing the many videos we recorded during the Catalan Vintage League (LCV) last weekend in Badalona. The attendance to this tournament was of 50 players fighting for a Mint & Signed Beta Taiga among many other dual lands.

    First match is between Rubén González with Storm City Bond and Manuel Navascues with Selkie Fish. The video and Ruben’s list, right after the break!

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  • EC Will Be Covering GenCon Indy 2010 Live!

    GenCon Indy is probably the biggest nerd/freak/whateveryouwannacallit event of the year. It concentrates everything that is related with gaming in 4 days. Magic: The Gathering is of course represented during those days and, here at Eternal Central, we’ll be covering it the best way we know.

    GenCon is only a week away, and the events that we are interested on and will be doing live streaming from are basically the Vintage and Legacy Championships. You can read about these two events right after the break.

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  • [Report]: Winning with Jacerator in Vintage. By Deathknight

    Our partner from the french GT Team, Camille Brunel aka Deathknight, has shared his latest victory report at Game Center (Paris July 2010) with us at our forums. The tournament wasn’t specially big but what we like about the report is that he used a deck that is being discussed a lot on our forum boards: Jacerator.

    [Report – English]: Winning with Jacerator in Vintage. By Deathknight (GCP – July 2010)

    [Report – French]: Winning with Jacerator in Vintage. By Deathknight (GCP – July 2010)

  • [Video]: MTG Barato (Vintage) – Guillem Ragull VS Guillermo Rodea Top4 G2

    Game 1 between Guillem Ragull and Guillermo Rodea (Repeal Tendrils VS Dredge) wasn’t that fascinating in the end. With Guillermo having a very strong hand plus a couple of nice dredges, he managed to win without many problems. What will Guillermo do against Guillem’s sideboard? Enjoy it right after the break.

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  • [Video]: MTG Barato (Vintage) – Guillem Ragull VS Guillermo Rodea Top4 G1

    The following video shows the first game from the match between Guillem Ragull and Guillermo Rodea during the semifinals of the 1st MTG BARATO Vintage Open. We know Guillem has a lot of hate cards on his sideboard ready for games 2 and 3 but, will he be able to defeat Guillermo’s Dredge on Game 1?

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  • [Video]: MTG Barato (Vintage) – Guillem Ragull VS César Fernández Top8 G3

    The final game of this amazing match between Guillem Ragull, playing Repeal Tendrils, and César Fernández, playing Solution. We saw César managing to win game 2 by slowing down Guillem’s game plan. Who’s going to move onto semifinals? The video, after the break.

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  • [Video]: MTG Barato (Vintage) – Guillem Ragull VS César Fernández Top8 G2

    Second game of this interesting match between Guillem Ragull and César Fernández. We saw Guillem defeat César in game 1 with no real opposition. Will César find a “solution” against Guillem’s storm? We hope you guys enjoy the video! (After the break)

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  • [Video]: MTG Barato (Vintage) – Guillem Ragull VS César Fernández Top8 G1

    During the weekend and the following week we’ll be publishing the videos that were recorded during the 1st MTG BARATO Vintage Open. We really hope you guys like it!

    First quarterfinal match is between two excellent vintage players, Guillem Ragull and César Fernández. Guillem’s results speak for themselves as he’s achieving top8 after top8 in the LCV! And César is yet another excellent player from Madrid with a lot of tournament wins and top8’s at the LMV. The video? After the break!

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  • The EUROVINO 5 (Milan – 10/11/12 September)

    Stinfo just sent us the information to yet another AWESOME tournament, the EUROVINO 5. Year after year, Eurovino and Bazaar of Moxen turn out to be the best Eternal parties around the world. Their prize structure, tournaments, people, possibilities, etc… make this kind of events a totally worth experience. If you want to know more about the EUROVINO 5 please click on the following link or the image displayed below.

    The EUROVINO 5 – The Revenge of Moxes (Milan – Italy, 10/11/12 of September 2010)

    Eternal Central will be there to bring you the best coverage, videos, reports and news ever!

  • [Video]: MTG Barato (Vintage) Jacerator VS Oath G3

    If you’ve seen games 1 and 2, then you’re probably thinking… “How can Stinfo always have those broken T1 hands?” That’s because you haven’t seen game 3 yet!!!!! I love Vintage! I apologize for my big misplay in advance! Don’t be too hard on me afterwards 😛

    Enjoy it:

    Next videos will be covering the Top8 games from the Legacy and Vintage tournaments at the 1st MTG BARATO Open.

    This video will also be added to our new EC Video Gallery!

  • [Video]: MTG Barato (Vintage) Jacerator VS Oath G2

    Game 2 of the match between Stinfo and myself (piZZero) from the past MTG BARATO tournament in Valencia. If you think Stinfo had a broken hand in G1 is because you haven’t seen game 2!

    There is a game 3!

    This video will also be added to our new EC Video Gallery!

  • Real or Fake?

    I found this picture in some forum, and I wanted to share it with you guys. What do you guys think?

    [poll id=”2″]

    I’ll give you the answer in a week!

  • [Video]: MTG Barato (Vintage) Jacerator VS Oath G1

    The following game is between Stinfo (Ovinogeddon organizer) and myself (piZZero). Stinfo plays Oath and I Jacerator, a control deck featuring Goyfs, Jaces, Trygon Predators and endless amount of counters. Stinfo’s opening hand is SICK! Check it out by yourself.

    Games 2 and 3 will be released soon! So, stay tunned to EC!

    This video will also be added to our new EC Video Gallery!

  • [Video]: MTG Barato (Vintage) Goblins VS MUD

    Video recorded during the swiss rounds of the MTG BARATO Vintage Tournament. In this video you’ll watch a Goblins VS MUD matchup. Will the little red horde be able to defeat the brown army?

    This video will also be added to our new EC Video Gallery!

  • MTG BARATO Vintage Top8 decklists

    The top8 deck lists from the 1st MTG BARATO Vintage Open with 43 players for a total of 6 rounds of swiss + Top8.

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  • MTG BARATO Vintage News and Results!

    The second day of the 1st MTG BARATO Open is officially finished.

    Despite the awesome prizes for this tournament, an incredibly low amount of players showed for the Vintage event. Only 43 players came but the organizer (Filippo Lietti, aka TroppoRicco) in the end decided to keep the prize structure so people would enjoy their time. Thank you Filippo for making such an amazing eternal weekend and despite the low turn out still keep the prizes!

    The 8 best players from the swiss were:

    1. Oscar Canedo 16 points (MUD)
    2. Subirana, Roger 14 (UW Fish
    3. Fernandez Martin, Cesar 13 (Solution)
    4. Relat Goberna, Ferran 13 (UGR Fish)
    5. Morla, Tomas 13 (MUD)
    6. Ragull, Guillem 13 (Repeal Tendrils)
    7. Rodea, Guillermo 13 (Mana Ichorid)
    8. Aldo Fernandez 13 points (Mana Ichorid)


    • Oscar Canedo (MUD) VS Aldo Fernández (Mana Ichorid) 2-0
    • Ferrán Relat (UGR Fish) VS Tomás Morla (MUD) 2-0
    • Guillem Ragull (Repeal Tendrils) VS César Fernández  (Solution) 2-1
    • Guillermo Rodea (Mana Ichorid) VS Roger Subirana (UW Fish) 2-0


    • Oscar Canedo (MUD) VS Ferrán Relat (UGR Fish) 0-2
    • Guillem Ragull (Repeal Tendrils) VS Guillermo Rodea (Mana Ichorid) 0-2


    Ferrán Relat (UGR Fish) VS Guillermo Rodea (Mana Ichorid) 1-2

    Congratulations for Guillermo Rodea for winning the 1st Vintage MTG BARATO Open and to the rest of the top8 players. Special mention to my friend Guillem Ragull who top8ed in both Legacy and Vintage events!

    The top8 decks are VERY REPRESENTATIVE of what’s vintage now. 2 Dredge, 2 MUD, 2 FISH, 1 Storm Combo and 1 Solution deck. Guillem’s deck is viable due to the high amount of basic lands he has and the awesome game plan that Empty the Warrens provides. César’s deck has an insane amount of good cards that are focused against the current metagame and proved again to work as intended.

    There were few other representative decks types like Oath or Goblins. The big loser of this tournament is Vault/Key. 0 (zero) top8 players managed to go through this Null Rod battlefield and Ichorid fest.

    I’d like to make some pros and cons about the tournament:


    • To Filippo, who organized everything in such a marvelous way. The place where the tournament was held was extremely nice, clean, etc… and despite the quality downgrade on the power 9 pieces, he kept the whole prize structure.
    • To everyone that came to Valencia this weekend to play Eternal.
    • To the italian mafia! See you in Milan soon!


    • Where the hell was the people on Sunday?

    Tomorrow you’ll be able to find the decklists for the Legacy and, if not very tired, the Vintage tournaments. The videos will be released as soon as possible. I’ve recorded LOTS of videos, but I’m going to need a fastest way to edit them. I can’t spend 2h/video if I wanna post the 30-40 videos that I might have recorded. I don’t have that much free time right now.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Metagame Breakdown & Analysis – BOM4

    César Fernández, aka Chapuzas, has done an extremely amazing job analyzing absolutely all decks from both the Legacy and Vintage tournaments from the past Bazaar of Moxen 4 in Annecy.

    You can find the complete Metagame Breakdown and Analysis of the BOM4 at the spanish site Evolution Store. If you want to read the analysis in english, César did the amazing job of translating everything into it, so don’t miss the following 2 links!

    Thanks for the amazing job César!

    Source: Evolution Store & La Universidad de las Artes Lúdicas

  • 1st MTG Barato Open will be covered by EC

    Next weekend in Valencia EC will be attending to the first Spanish big eternal party of the year (not counting the GP of course): The 1st MTG Barato Open, and Eternal Central will be covering the event as its best.

    Remember the tournament structure and prizes:

    I still don’t know how much of a coverage I’ll be able to do. I believe it’s going to be hard to make a live coverage from it since my iPhone has broke down and lost, magically, his 3G connection (everything else works…). If I get my iPhone to work again you’ll be able to follow the event live from the Eternal Central’s twitter site.

    EC has the privilege of getting the best spot for video recording the Top8 games from both Legacy and Vintage tournaments. This means that you can expect the best videos from the event coming online here, only at EC.

    And it’ll be here too where you’ll read first about the top8 (maybe top16) decks from this huge eternal party.

    MTG Barato is going to be the first big tournament with the new Legacy bans and unrestrictions (Is that a word?). Will a deck featuring Grim Monolith make it all the way up to the top8? No matter what, this tournament will write the first chapter of the new Legacy history books. Everything we’ve known and played since now belongs to the past. We are about to write the new Legacy’s present!

    What are your predictions for both Legacy and Vintage events? Do you foresee a massive amount of MUD/Fish in Vintage? What about Legacy?

    We wish good luck to everyone attending to this huge event! Stay tunned!

  • [Video]: LCV6 #4 Final – Game 2

    So, here we are with the second game of this awesome finals between Guillem Ragull (Repeal Tendrils) and Israel Muñoz (Blue Workshops). It took a little more time than I expected but I’m sure it was worth the wait! Hope you guys enjoy the video.

    Remember you can find the decklists and an amazing metagame breakdown + analysis here.

    Stay tunned to watch the final match!