Old School Magic 93-94 – Blood Diamond

Welcome to Old School Month on Eternal Central. We’re looking at a different Old School 93-94 deck each day of the month. Today’s deck is called Blood Diamond, for the presence to both Blood Moon and Diamond Valley. One sees a fair amount of Old School play, while the other is pretty rare.

Blood Diamond is a red and white deck that utilizes synergies with Diamond Valley and other recurring card advantage themes, while using Mirror Universe as another kill condition (and life buffer). Here is a version I recently played, tilted slightly more towards playing against aggressive and mid-range creature decks.

Old School Magic 93-94 – JunkShop Reanimator

Welcome to Old School Month on Eternal Central. In our first primer we’ll take a look at a cool hybrid strategy that I refer to as “JunkShop Reanimator.” Junk for the colors black, green, and white (which historically has been referred to as “Junk,” for old Pro Tour decks), Shop for the Mishra’s Workshops that help fuel the deck, and Reanimator for the reanimation spells that help bring back our fatties.

Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 19: Talking Old School With Danny Friedman

Welcome to another episode of TuskTalk with Team Tusk. Today we have Evan Nyquist (HymnYou) talking with Danny Friedman (@danny_friedman_) of Chicago’s Lords of the Pit. Danny is one of the few people who have as much or more enthusiasm for Old School as we do. Chicago’s scene has grown tremendously, and we dig deep in Old School, and talk about some of Danny’s recent adventures at NoobCon, various Chicago tournaments, and the upcoming premier inaugural Old School Player’s Ball.


Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 13: The Miracle of Failure

Welcome to a new episode of Tusk Talk with Evan Nyquist (Hymnyou), Sean O’Brien (nedleeds), and Greg Mitchell (phazonmutant, hotcarl, ponder?). We review Eternal Weekend results and bad beats. We cover our drinking choices and our deck choices. Then we look forward to Chiba and Greg regales us with tales of the Miracle of Science. What will Sean 0-2 drop with in Chiba?


Tusk Talk Podcast Episode 12: The TaxMen and Eternal Weekend 2016

Welcome to a new episode of Tusk Talk with Evan Nyquist (Hymnyou). Today we speak with two members of the EV grinder squad “The Taxmen,” straight out of the ATL. We interview EC Old School 2016 Champion Daniel ‘Hit&Quit’ Humphreys and Stephen ‘Rosenblade’ Rosenthal (both founding members of the Taxmen). We discuss the Old School 93/94 format, and how much fun we had at Eternal Weekend. We then go in to the StarCityGames and Tales of Adventure updates for Legacy tournament circuit scheduling, and touch on some Legacy at the end.


Old School 93-94 at Eternal Weekend 2016 – Decklists and Photo Report

The third annual Eternal Central Old School tournament at Eternal Weekend is in the books, with some familiar faces, and a lot of newcomers as well. Players traveled from New Zealand, Spain, Canada, and all over the USA to do battle in the ancient ways. With over 100+ players pre-registered, between last minute withdrawls and no-shows, we had 86 players come out to do battle, making this the largest (yet) Old School 93-94 event held anywhere to date.

Grand Prix Los Angeles 2016 Old School 93-94 – Decklists and Photo Report

This past weekend during Grand Prix Los Angeles a 93-94 tournament was hosted by Channel-Fireball, using their own custom rules (Alpha through Fallen Empires, restricted Strip Mine, most other rules nearly the same as EC’s B&R List). 16 players showed up to battle 4 rounds of straight Swiss, including players from Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and California primarily.

Old School Magic 93-94 – Playing Millstone Dreams Control

(Editor’s Note: The following is a report and deck introduction from Nicholas Rausch, a player and tournament organizer in Ohio, USA.)

For the last 5 months, I have been tinkering in my workshop, trying to duplicate many things. Triskelions and Factories are the obvious but Juggernauts, Su-Chi, Tetravus, Mana Vaults, Moxen, Basalt Monoliths, Choas Orb, Howling Mines, Ankh of Mishra, Black Vise, Tomes of Jalum and Jayemdae, Ice Manipulator, Tawnos’ Coffin, Ivory Towers, and Time Vaults all have found their doppelgangers on the board. Even lesser constructs like Clockwork Avian, Weakstone, and Skull of Orm have been replicated.

It’s safe to say, Copy Artifact has consumed me.