[Videos]: 7 GP Columbus Deck Techs

This past weekend we’ve seen many games by many different players. GP Columbus has been a great scenario for great Legacy matches. We’ve seen some great innovations, such as the UG Survival from Caleb Durward or the Show and Tell/Sneak Attack deck from Korey Age.

Thanks to the guys at Wizards of the coast, we’ve got to know some of the Deck techs explained by their pilots. After the break you’ll find the 7 Deck Techs they’ve published, including the amazingly cool UG Madness by Caleb Durward!.

EC Will Be Covering GenCon Indy 2010 Live!

GenCon Indy is probably the biggest nerd/freak/whateveryouwannacallit event of the year. It concentrates everything that is related with gaming in 4 days. Magic: The Gathering is of course represented during those days and, here at Eternal Central, we’ll be covering it the best way we know.

GenCon is only a week away, and the events that we are interested on and will be doing live streaming from are basically the Vintage and Legacy Championships. You can read about these two events right after the break.

Grand Prix Columbus & LCV Coverage + News

As you guys might already know, this weekend is going to be a really exciting weekend for anyone who loves the Eternal formats. First of all, the 2nd Legacy Grand Prix of 2010 is being held in Columbus (USA). And then tomorrow we also have, even if it’s not as relevant as a GP, the monthly tournament of the Catalan Vintage League (LCV) in Badalona.

Here at Eternal Central we’ll try to provide you with the best coverage we can. We can’t promise a lot but we’ll try to keep you updated with news, pictures and such. We had 2 members of the EC staff attending to the GP but one of them won’t be able to make it. Hopefully we’ll get enough info coming from the battlefield to keep you guys entertained.

On the other hand, I’ll be playing the LCV tournament and I’ll do my best to cover what’s going on in there as well. I’ll be carrying my video camera, so you guys should expect a lot of new videos being published soon!

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
1 Tomoharu Saito Tomoharu Saito (2-1)
8 Brad Nelson Tomoharu Saito (2-1)
4 Caleb Durward Caleb Durward (2-0) Tomoharu Saito (2-0)
5 Bryant Cook
2 Tom Martell Tom Martell (2-0)
7 Korey Age Tom Martell (2-0)
3 Jason Ford Jason Ford (2-0)
6 Chris Gosselin

Congratulations to Tomoharu Saito for the win at 2010’s GP Columbus!

Decklists and other info, after the break!

Focus on Legacy – Constructing UBG Landstill

Are you one of the types of people who likes to see your opponent squirm in their chair as you destroy everything they play, or counter anything else? Are you one of the types of people that seeks to demoralize an opponent and chuckle inside as you stare at their board state, barren of all relevant non-land permanents? If so, you may just be the type of person who likes playing a deck like Landstill.